Why Choose Ambassador?

Small class sizes

  • Character building is more easily managed
  • Students are not comparing themselves or competing with large groups of students
  • Students socialize and become friends with everyone
  • More opportunities…
    • … for valuable teacher/student interaction.
    • … for classroom participation and confidence building
    • … to use hands-on materials.
    • … to go on field trips.
    • … for active participation in sports.
  • Allows for greater student success 
    • Research shows that student achievement and success are directly related to the student/teacher ratio.

Strong focus on godly character

  • Scripture memorization and its application to character building.

High academic success

  • A Beka Book curriculum – recognized as being highly effective in classrooms
  • The uniqueness of each child is accommodated by using a variety of teaching materials and methods conducive to meeting the needs of each learning style and personality.
  • A variety of teaching methods are used to foster learning.

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