Parent Testimonials

We are so thankful to have found Ambassador Academy. Our daughter’s reading and math skills have drastically improved in just two months. We have been listened to and our input has been welcomed. The experienced teachers have created in our daughter a confidence and a desire to learn and grow.  Thank you!

Parents of 4th Grader


We couldn’t be happier with our choice of placing our children into Ambassador Academy. We would recommend the school to anyone. The class sizes are perfect and the teacher to student ratio is great. The students get so much help and assistance when needed that we as a family are very pleased with our choice of sending our children to Ambassador Academy.”

Parents of 5th and 3rd grader


“Wow! Where do I begin? We have so much to say about the school. The staff works so hard with our children. We never thought we would see such a huge improvement in just five weeks. We believe that they have learned so much because of the way they are being taught and most importantly, because of the loving kindness that is shown to all the students, not just to our children.”

Parents of 3rd and 1st grader


“We are very pleased with our decision to place our daughter in Ambassador Academy. The school has provided a warm, nurturing environment for her to grow and learn. The hard working staff strives to develop a child’s academic skills, moral values (as taught in Christianity), and physical well-being (by emphasizing the importance of nutritious food and sports). The staff of this school provides a great amount of time to each individual student, making the school suitable for all types of children (whether they are academically struggling or are academically gifted). This school also provides students with fun learning activities such as field trips, arts and crafts, incubating duck and quail eggs, and Christmas and graduation programs. We feel that Ambassador Academy is a great place for a child to attend school.”

Parent of 1st Grader


My daughter attended public school for first grade, and while she got along well she didn’t seem to be reaching her potential in classrooms that were too large with too many distractions. We decided to send her to Ambassador Academy this past year and could not be happier with our decision. The school promotes strong values, respect, and high behavior expectations while maintaining a fun atmosphere. They work hard and they play hard. She loves the music and drama classes, is caught up in math, and the individual attention she receives has made all the difference in her attitude toward education.”

Parent of 2nd Grader

“Both of my Daughters attended the 2011-2012 school year. I was blown away at the quality of education they received. The environment is such a welcoming one that my children are sad it is summertime! I can not say enough about this school and what it means to our family. The children learn so much and study the arts. I would encourage any parent considering private school to make this your first and only choice.”

Parent of K and 2nd Grade

Student Testimonials

“My teacher is good and helps me keep up with my math. She makes the class do the work, but she helps too. My favorite thing in school is sign language and the sign language games we play.”

Kayla, 4th grade

“My favorite thing to do in school is to play tennis with the class. I also like to hold the birds and watch them hatch.”

Grace, 2nd grade

I like my class because I can learn about God and we all get a turn to fly the kite when it’s a nice day.”

Elizabeth, Kindergarten

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