Supply Lists 2017-18

August-Back-To-School-ImagesSchool Supply Lists (Scroll through for all grades)


Kindergarten – 2nd Grade

1 small backpack 

1 lunch box

1 box washable markers

1 watercolor paint set

1 large eraser

1 pkg. pencil erasers

1 scissors (rounded end) 

1 12 inch standard ruler (not flexible, with inches and centimeters, the simpler the better)

10 or more sharpened #2 pencils (Regular size, NOT mechanical and WITHOUT paper covering.  I highly recommend Ticonderoga pencils.)

1 manual pencil sharpener that holds shavings  (I highly recommend KUM sharpeners)

1 small box crayons

1 box colored pencils

3 small glue sticks

2 boxes pop-up tissues (self dispensing)

1 complete change of clothes in a plastic bag with child’s name.  Clothes that are on the bigger side are best.  Include an extra shirt for painting during art class.

1 pair of tennis shoes for recess and P.E. (if other shoes are worn to school)

1 water bottle to keep at school  (Students will need some sort of bottle that closes tightly to bring along with them to PE / Recess.  These bottles should be kept at school.  We will be cleaning them on a regular basis).

2 sets of addition 0-12 flash cards (grades 1-2)*

2 sets of subtraction 0-12 flash cards (grade 2)*

1 tube of lip moisturizer for student to keep in their desks (optional)

*Note: One set of flash cards will stay at home and the other will stay at school.  Siblings may share a set at home, but need their own set at school. Students who can pass their 5 min. math drills with 85% accuracy will not need the flash cards.

Please label the items with either your child’s first name or initials.


 Grades 3-6

1          backpack

1          lunchbox

1          water bottle (or any empty container to put water in for drinking)

            pencils (No mechanical, gel, or any other new pencil invention; just the simple, no. 2, graphite pencils, please.)

1          hand held pencil sharpener

1 or 2 soft, flexible containers for pencils, colored pencils, erasers, sharpener, etc.

1          large eraser

            pencil erasers

1          large glue stick or 2 small glue sticks

1          small bottle of Elmer’s glue

1          paint set (water based)

1          scissor (rounded end)

1          12 inch non-flexible ruler with both metric and English measurements

1          small box crayons

2          pocket folders (one solid red and one solid blue)

5          wide-ruled, spiral notebooks, 70-sheets/notebook any solid color. (It might be helpful to have an assortment of colors, as each notebook will represent one or two areas of study.)  No three subject, 120 sheet notebooks, as there are not enough sheets/subject.

1          protractor (grades 4 and up)

1          math compass (grades 5 & up)

1          box washable markers (optional – we have some on hand)

1          box colored pencils (optional – we have some on hand)

1          planner, grades 3-6 (optional – may use any method of keeping track of info.)

            white paper for drawing during breaks (optional – we have scrap paper)

Please label the items with your child’s first name.

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