Physical Education

Ambassador Academy places a high value on physical education. Our curriculum incorporates motor proficiency, health fitness, intellectual learning, and decisional learning.

Motor Proficiency

  • Developing manipulative object control skills
  • Developing specific motor abilities
  • Producing combination body and object control skills
  • Enhancing creative movement skills

Health Fitness

  • Developing fitness awareness

Intellectual Learning

  • Understanding regular exercise and expressive play

Decisional Learning

  • Implementing core Christian values

Students play various games to reinforce and strengthen specific skills learned in class. Activities and drills are taught at grade and ability level are incorporated for further proficiency development. Sports include croquet, t-ball, tennis, basketball, bowling, and skiing. Physical education is also integrated with other subjects both during P.E. class and during other academic studies throughout the day.

We will be outdoors as much as possible for physical education. During inclement weather we will either use the gym or one of our classrooms. In the classroom we use the trampoline, jump ropes, juggling sticks, and practice various areas of skills including balance, tossing, mazes, relays, etc.


There is no detail too small or object too big that escapes God’s care and concern. Science at Ambassador Academy is introduced to students in a way that fosters their curiosity and faith, and encourages them to explore, seek and find answers.

All learning objectives are supported by hands-on experiments. Objectives are the same for all grade levels. Lessons and experiments are taught at grade and ability level.

Objective One: Students will grow in appreciation of the science that is all around them. They will become aware of the science involved in the things they use in life, from their pencils at school to modern medicine at the doctor’s office.

Objective Two: Students will become familiar with the scientific method of experimentation, science terminology and tools, and will be able to define or discuss the differences between evolution and creation.

Objective Three: Students will learn how they can be contributors to science by seeing how the great scientists of the past built the foundation for the science we use today.

Objective Four: Students will grow in their understanding of how science is a great gift from God. They will learn the role science plays in being good stewards of the earth and how God provides for them.

These objectives will be accomplished through the study of life science, earth science, physical science and astronomy.

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