Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the school located?
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, 559 20th St. SW, Rochester, MN 55902

What are the school hours?
School hours are from 9:00 a.m.- 3:20 p.m.

Is busing available?
Yes. You can call First Student at 289-4541 in Rochester for more information on routes and times.

What curriculum do you use?
We use a Christian-based curriculum called A Beka Book. Scripture is quoted in the textbooks. The reading books emphasize morals. Creation is taught in the science books. The history books reflect God’s hand in the past, present, and future of His creation. (For more information on specific objectives in science and physical education, click here.)

How important is P.E. at Ambassador Academy?
Physical education is very important at Ambassador Academy. P.E. helps students develop their physical and social skills, emotional stability, and mental alertness. These skills are developed as they play indoor and outdoor sports and games. Grades are based on skill, effort, sportsmanship, citizenship, attitude, and ability to follow directions.

Is drama a part of the curriculum?
Yes. Drama is taught throughout the school year during reading class, Bible class, and program performance practices. Students are taught enunciation, inflection, pronunciation, and how to develop acting skills.

How much importance do you place on music?
Music is very important at Ambassador Academy. Our students learn about composers, music theory, how to identify instruments, different types of music, and how to play instruments together as a group. The school provides percussion instruments, a keyboard, an autoharp, orchestra bells, and an accordion for the students to use during class. They may also bring their own instruments to school for the group ensemble.

What is taught in your Bible class?
Our Bible class emphasizes character building through the use of Bible stories. A variety of visual aids, including drama, are used. Practical application of these traits are discussed and students are encouraged to incorporate these characteristics into their daily routine at school and at home.

Is your school affiliated with Good Shepherd Lutheran Church?
No.  The school rents space at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church.   Ambassador Academy is a private, non-denominational school.  We adhere to the views in our statement of faith, which may or may not match the views of an Good Shepherd or any other denomination.

Who may I contact for more information?
You may call Jane Platske at (507) 292-9353.

How can I get an application form?
You may download one on the registration link to the left or have a form sent to you by calling Jane Platske at (507) 292-9353.

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