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The Science Museum by Christian Scheckel, Grade 6

The Science Museum was a really awesome field trip. Right when we walked in, we all were on sensory overload. There was this hand-pressurized pneumatic Ping-pong ball launcher and a set of transparent tubes filled with water reaching up to the very high ceiling of the museum. A computer program regulated air in the tubes to produce patterns of bubbles. Then we headed up the stairs. We were quite surprised when the stairs played ascending notes as we walked up. In the space section, there was a giant astronaut on which we projected our faces and names. There was a tugboat sitting on a terrace. It must have been a monumental task to get it up there. We walked through it and discovered the captain’s wheelhouse was so cramped the four of us hardly fit. There was a new and very cool section called Sportsology. There were basketballs hanging with heights marked on them to measure our vertical jumping ability. There were moving targets to test our throwing accuracy. There was a slow motion camera in front of which we practiced a variety of sports and analyzed our form. There was a running track where we pitted ourselves against some famous athlete and a t-rex. We ate lunch at the extremely overpriced but very delicious museum cafeteria. The  Science Museum field trip was incredible. I can’t wait to go again!


The Zumbro Bend Rendezvous by Christian Scheckel, Grade 6

The Zumbro Bend Rendezvous was an extremely informative, very well organized, and super fun field trip.  It represented different aspects of life in the 1700s.  Each school group had its own personalized schedule to make sure that there was only one group per session.  A tiny cannon announced when it was time to go to the next session, but it sounded like a pound of dynamite went off.  Our first station was axe throwing.  The guy there made it look like a piece of cake, but it was quite a challenge to get it stuck in the log, let alone slice the playing card on it.  Our next stop was a French voyageur camp.  He, in real life, was a French marine.  He was also missing a finger!  He showed us some of his wares that he trades with the Indians.  Some red dye that the Indians used as war paint contained mercury!  At the sound of the cannon, we headed to Nine Claws’ tent.  He too was missing a finger!  He showed us the different weapons people used and the clothes that they wore.  Then at the bellow of our taskmaster, we were off to see what they did for fun back then.  We played tug of war and steal the bacon.  After all that exercise, we were hungry.  So we were off to see what people eat and how they cooked it back then.  Then it was time for our own lunch.  Everybody took a half-hour break.  Then we closed with bow and arrow making, making an S hook at the blacksmith’s, making beeswax candles, and archery.  We also checked out the shop that was set up there.  It was filled with luscious fudge and candy along with some other cool homemade wares.  The Zumbro Bend Rendezvous was a great field trip.  All the people there were very nice.  I would love to go again!


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